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In addition to the book (which is only available in Dutch – Handboek Scenarioplanning) you might want to download additional course material. Be aware that all the materials are in Dutch.

Lecture presentations (in Dutch only)
We support teachers of scenario planning and future studies by sharing free lecture materials. Feel free to use the course material below. It consists of a seven week programme for university students of applied sciences.

Week 1: Introduction to scenario planning
Week 2: Analyze and explore the future
Week 3: Impact analysis and scenario frameworks
Week 4: Develop basic scenarios
Week 5: Test and adjust scenarios
Week 6: Imagine scenarios
Week 7: Apply scenarios and embed scenarios

Workshops (in Dutch only)
We offer a range of free workshops in addition to the Scenario Planning Handbook. Feel free to use it.

Horizon scanning
Creating perspectives out of a future analysis
From future study to organization development
Planning for action

Testing material (in Dutch only)
For each part of the book you can download questions and answers for testing students.

Part 1: The basics of scenario planning
Part 2: Prepare a scenario project
Part 3: Develop scenarios
Part 4: Scenario application (creating and testing strategies)
Part 5: Embed scenarios in decision making