Book: Explore The Big Picture

Forces shaping the future of humanity

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Explore The Big Picture
Book cover ‘Explore The Big Picture’

Explore The Big Picture is a book written for those who want to know more about global patterns / trends and their impact, both now and in the future. Explore The Big Picture explains and links several driving forces that globally impact humanity.

Topics like technology, climate change, society, economy, power, control, space and the human factor. These (and other) driving forces are impacting not only our present but are also shaping our future.

By looking at these topics both individually and together, you are able to form a clearer picture of where we are at and where we may be heading. Thus, allowing us to make decisions and changes that will move humanity forward in the best way possible.

In writing Explore the Big Picture we have done our best to rely on the most up to date sources and the most accurate facts available. However with a book that adresses so many topic mistakes are inevitable. Unforunately some errors where discovered after the book was published. On the this page you can find a list of errors and the correspponding corrections.