Tool: Foresight Cards

This analysis tool helps to assess the external environment!

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This pack of cards contains 125 macro forces classified into the STEEP categories (social, technological, economical, environmental and political). Other known acronyms derived from STEEP are: PEST, PESTLE, PESTEL, STEP, STEPJE, STEEPLED, DESTEP and LEPEST. The STEEP acronym is well known and used all over the world as a basis for external analysis.

For example the STEEP cards can be used by individuals and groups to have workshops to:
– create awareness about past, current and future changes;
– stress test a business model;
– determine key-uncertainties to create future scenarios (scenario planning);
– create a SWOT analysis;
– think about systems and how external developments connect to each other;
– energize;
– tell a story;
– discuss certain topics;
– etc. etc. etc.

What’s in the box?

The Foresight Cards-STEEP edition contains a total of 134 cards:

  • 25 external driving forces supported by high quality photos (25 per S-T-E-E-P category);
  • 3 workhops (‘create awareness’, ‘stress testing business models’ and ‘determine key uncertainties for scenario planning’);
  • legend, general instructions and ‘patterns of change’;
  • all cards are multilingual: English, Nederlands (Dutch), Deutsch (German) and Español (Spanish);
  • additional free workshops online!

Larger cards for ease of use with groups: 8  x 11 cm (w x l)
Box size: 17 x 12 x 2,5 cm (w x l x h) | weight: 414 grams

Four languages on each card

The STEEP deck of cards supports four languages: English, Nederlands (Dutch), Deutsch (German) and Español (Spanish). General instructions and workshops are also written in the above mentioned four languages. For some samples see the pictures below.

General product description

This pack of cards contains 125 external forces from macro / contextual environments. The forces are classified based on STEEP categories. The pack of cards can be used for a SWOT-analysis, Porter-analysis, Business Model, system diagram, scenario planning and a strategic discussion, just to name a few.

Deze kaartset bevat 125 externe krachten vanuit macro / contextuele omgevingen. De krachten zijn ingedeeld op basis van STEEP categorieën. De kaartset is onder andere te gebruiken bij een SWOT-analyse, Porter-analyse, businessmodel, systeemdiagram, scenarioplanning en een strategische discussie, om er een paar te noemen.

Dieses Kartenset enthält 125 externe Kräfte der Makro-/kontextuellen Umgebungen. Die Kräfte sind auf Basis der STEEP-Kategorien eingeteilt. Das Set kann unter anderem bei einer SWOT-Analyse, Porter-Analyse, Business-Modell, system-Diagramm, Szenarioplanung und strategische Erörterung verwendet werden.

Este juego de cartas contiene 125 factores externos del macroentorno / contexto. Los factores se clasican en categorías STEEP. Las cartas se pueden utilizar para realizar análisis DAFO, análisis Porter, de modelos de negocio,diagramas de sistemas, planicación de escenarios y evaluación de estrategias.