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The STEEP-edition of Foresight Cards can be used in many ways. Below you’ll find a brief overview of workshops/games that can be played with the card deck. Instructions are freely available, just click on the link for more information.

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Awareness workshops

Raise awareness (level 1)
Knowledge challenge (level 2) *

Business Models workshops

How does change affect your Business Model? (level 2)
Stress testing a Business Model (level 4) *

Energizer workshop

Share inspiration (level 1)

Porter Workshop

Basic Porter 5-forces analysis (level 3)

Scenario Planning workshops

Determine market drivers, innovation opportunities and key-uncertainties (level 3) *
Identify key-uncertainties for scenario planning (level 4)

Storytelling workshops

Share ideas and inspiration through stories (level 1)
Create evolving stories (level 1)

SWOT workshop

Basic SWOT analyse (level 2)

System Thinking Workshops

Causal loop diagrams – stress testing internal feedback loops (level 4)
System dynamics – playing with dynamics (level 4)

Workshops that have an asterisk (*) are also included in the box (on print) and available in four languages: English, Dutch (Nederlands), German (Deutsch), Spanish (Español). Online you’ll find the latest versions. Free (additional) online workshops appear in English only.

Behind each workshop you will find the level of difficulty: 1 = no experience necessary, 2 and 3 = you need some practice, 4 and 5 = difficult, you need to have experience in the field addressed.