About us

Our Mission

Our company is about us. All of us. Our interest lies in understanding where humanity stands now, where we could be heading, want to be heading and what to do to get there. We are a partner for anyone with a deep interest in what lies beyond the horizon: our future. Our mission is to help governments, companies and students to understand the future. We not only explore what is happening but also try to find out why things are happening. The deriving insights are helpful for building smart strategies and identifying sparks that drive new innovations.

Suited to your needs we offer a range of workshops and tracks to explore the future together.

In the background we do a lot of research on what is going on in the world. From time to time we offer events to have a public discussion about what this all means. We do care about creating a world for the better.

Our Story

IVTO is a research- and educational company located in The Netherlands, set up in 2010 by Mario van Rijn and René van der Burgt. We both have a passion for future studies, strategy, creativity and innovation.

It is the wish to leave a better world behind for the generations to come that drove us to set up our company. Let our children be proud of their parents, instead of the other way around. Let us all keep the next generation safe and let them thrive so they may one day be inspired and engaged with passion to achieve their goals and ambitions. Let them explore new ways, create new inventions, travel the universe, be amazed and get a better understanding about life and why we are here. It is our curiosity, the will to understand and the endless urge to improve that have helped us to survive so long.

To make things better for the next generation we profoundly believe that making better decisions is the way to do this and scenario planning is a great way to support the decision-making process. Besides our products we therefore offer our experience to help companies to build smart future-proof strategies and innovations.

Our Funding

IVTO has a not for profit goal and is funded in various ways: through commercial activities, grants and donations. All revenues IVTO receives are dedicated to our mission.