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Expand your thinking / Critical thinking

To create a better understanding of developments in the external environment
Business, political, creative and personal fields

Supporting Cards: Patterns of Change
Supporting Presentation: Awareness workshop Powerpoint

Method 1: Raise awareness

Players: 2 to 8 | Duration: 15 – 60 minutes | Level: 1 (out of 5)

– A large surface to place the cards on (e.g. a table).

1. Select a subject which you would like to discuss and explore.
2. Select cards that have had an influence on the subject or could influence the subject in the future.
3. Write down the subject (e.g. on a post-it note) and place it in the center of the table. Position your chosen cards around the subject.
4. Using the “Patterns of Change” card assign one of the patterns to each card on the table.
5. Discuss your idea’s with each other and reach a consensus about which pattern of change is the most applicable to the current situation.
6. Write them down on separate pieces of papers and place them next to the cards. You should have now agreed on one pattern of change for each card on the table that gives you a complete overview of the current situation.
7. Next, agree on a time-span that you want consider in the future (e.g. 5 years).
8. Repeat steps 4 to 6 but this time using a future situation. Please note when thinking about the future there can be multiple patterns of change possible which may be controversial.
9. You should now have a complete overview of the current and possible future situation.
10. You can now  choose one of the following options below should you wish to discuss further and raise awareness about the subject.

1. Discuss how the current situation has evolved into the future situation. What developments occurred that have brought you to the future situation?
2. Discuss how the future situation could alter the subject.
3. Look at the future situation and identify controversial patterns. If applicable discuss.
4. Advanced level – In turns, pick a new card and assign a pattern of change. Discuss with each other what would happen if this became a reality.

Method 2: Knowledge challenge

Players: 2 to 8 | Duration: 15 – 60 minutes | Level: 2 (out of 5)
This workshop is included the package and is available in English, Dutch, German and Spanish. Please note that the instructions are updated and the difficulty level has been increased to level 2. Thanks for your feedback.

1. Shuffle all the cards and deal each player seven cards (don’t show others your cards). The remaining stock pile is set on the table.
2. Place the “patterns of Change” card in the center of the table. Make sure all players understand the definition of each pattern (TIP: see this explanation or use the presentation slides).
3. In turns: the player is assigned a “Pattern of Change” (e.g. 1st turn: trend-unchanging, 2nd turn: trend-steady increase, 3rd turn: trend-steady decrease, etc.).
4. The player chooses a card from his hand, so that the (s)he will be able to argue two valid historical developments according to the assigned pattern of change.
5. The player shows their card and presents arguments for two valid historical developments according to the assigned pattern of change. The player makes clear in which time-span the developments occurred.
6. If the group agrees that the given statements are valid, the player loses his card and puts it back in the deck.
7. If the group agrees that the given statements are invalid, the player has to take a new card from the deck and puts the old card back in the deck.
8. Repeat steps 3 to 7. Please make sure you always select a new “Pattern of change” each turn.
9. The first person who has played all his cards, wins the game.

1. After two rounds everyone selects one card and passes it to the person on his left side.
2. Advanced level – The stated arguments have to relate to the developments on the previous card.