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In the upcoming decades incredible changes will come upon us. Technological innovations, climate change and population growth will impact our lives, economy and society deeply. The result is that almost every sector in every country on Earth will have to deal with forms of disruption. Governments, sectors, companies and also the people themselves are struggling with the speed, complexity and uncertainty that comes with change. How do we cope with it? How can we adapt? How can we steer developments in a direction that will help us, avoiding risks, in a world that is deeply divided?

We believe that making smarter decisions is the way forward to create a world that works for all of us. Techniques like “Future thinking” are crucial in this.

Currently we are writing a new book. The book not only addresses some major developments for decades to come but also tries to find solutions that are worth sharing.

If you are an expert in the following matter, and you wish to contribute by sharing your expertise (for the greater good) – please do contact us:

  • Technology
    • Nuclear fusion
  • Social and economy
    • Mitigation flows

We would love to interview experts on the above matter, especially those who have the opennes of mind to look forward in a plausible creative way.
Interested? Feel free to mail us at or call us on +31 (or 0031) 413850890.